When I was younger I had a dream of traveling full time while making a living.  I wanted the flexibility to work from wherever, whenever.  The only problem was, I had absolutely no idea how to do it.  So, I gave up on that dream and went on to work in an office, with a commute and a micro-managing boss, working too much.

Years of poor choices had led to poor health and an 80 hour, unfulfilling work week.  Sure, I was working in my field, but I definitely wasn’t happy.  I was over-stressed, overly tired, and just plain depressed.  My relationships, mood, and health were suffering.

The stress and anxious feelings were effecting my health, moods, home life and overall well being.  It was painfully apparent to me that this was not what I wanted out of life, but I felt stuck with no foreseeable alternatives.  Then my sister introduced me to pure essential oils.  I started using the oils to support healthy moods and digestion and found them to work for me.

I realized that if these oils could help me, they could help others too.  It dawned on me that everything I had studied in college and Grad school related to helping people around the world with their health.  I decided to start an essential oils business because I knew this was the vehicle I could use to help others find optimal wellness.  Plus, this is a wonderful company to work with.

Not to mention, this essential oil company is expanding across the country and world!  I am passionate about what I do and I finally found a way to be able to have the financial and life flexibility to  travel and work!

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