Pennies Per Drop!

Did your grandma used to drink peppermint tea to promote digestion after a meal?  What if I told you it would take 26 cups of peppermint tea to do what 1 drop of peppermint essential oil can do?  That’s how powerful essential oils are!

Essential oils seriously kick butt!  Not only do they smell great, they are an AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE way to support your body’s systems for optimal physical and emotional health. You can use essential oils to boost the immune system, aid digestion, increase energy, cleanse the body, manage moods, relieve tension and stress, and feel more calm and energized throughout the day.

AND it’s amazing how INEXPENSIVE Essential Oils are when you break it down. Most of our bottles are 15ml and contain 250+ drops.  Let’s say you want to use 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil. You only spent $0.16!  AND you only need a drop or two at a time for the oils to be effective!

People turn to essential oils when they want to manage their moods, stay healthy all year long, and much more! I’m here to help you achieve that on your essential oil journey, and I’m in it for the long haul!

There’s No Better Time Than Now To Get Started With Essential Oils!

If you’re familiar with the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils or just want to try them out, you can purchase doTERRA products quickly and easily online. You can also join our community online to learn how to use essential oils for a thriving, healthy life.

Becoming a wholesale member is an amazing opportunity to purchase CPTG essential oils at 25% below the retail cost. You will have access to many business and product tools that will help you enjoy the benefits of living, sharing, and building with dōTERRA.

Whether you’ve been using the products for years or you’re brand new to doTERRA, you can start earning residual income by sharing the products with people you love and people you meet. Let’s get in touch and I’ll help you get started with this amazing business opportunity.

Some important things to consider:

  • Here’s my SECRET tip for getting the BEST DISCOUNT for Essential Oils… become a wholesale customer rather than just purchasing retail.  You can save 25-55% on every purchase this way!  If you plan on purchasing MORE THAN ONE oil for your family, then opening a WHOLESALE account would be your BEST OPTION.
  • It’s easy to open a wholesale account.  You pay a flat fee of $35 for the year. Whenever you need an Essential Oil, you can order it right from your own account.
    NOTE: there is ZERO monthly obligation to open a wholesale account!
  • You can even qualify for more savings (10-30%) as a member with the OPTIONAL Rewards Program.  You can EARN OILS for FREE when you purchase oils EACH MONTH.  This way you earn 10-30% BACK in points to use for FREE OILS.  Isn’t that FANTASTIC?
  • You qualify for of additional EXCLUSIVE benefits by opening a wholesale account (including getting ME as your personal guide!).
  • One more thing…..the BEST VALUE to you is to start with an ESSENTIAL OIL KIT so you can have a variety of oils on hand for different situations that come up in life… AND you’ll SAVE the most money!

Join my tribe and create your own thriving essential oils business!

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