3 Mistakes People Make When Getting Started on Natural Health

You may be at the point where I was a few years ago….

…I had pretty much given up on going with natural things to take care of my health….

…I was frustrated with all the options out there and I didn’t have the time to research it all.  I felt like I had tried everything and nothing seemed to work….

In this episode I share the top 3 mistakes people make when they start out with natural wellness…

…Hey, I made them too, and I ended up giving up on the whole thing until something really simple came along.


When I got started trying out natural things for my health I took all the advice I could get from Dr. Oz because I didn’t have the time to research everything out there. In between meetings at work I would look up the latest episode and write down his latest advice.  Then I would go down to the health food store and pick that natural thing up or order it online.  I tried everything he said to try.  All the tinctures. All the flower essences.  That ancient Chinese herb.  And so much more…

…I spent so much money on all those things and nothing seemed to work!

…I learned about essential oils from Dr. Oz  too so I went to the health food store and picked up the oils he recommended for calming, sleep, and stress.  None of those worked for me either.  The worst part was that I felt I was alone with no one to guide me.  

I felt like I knew where I wanted to go but I didn’t have a roadmap to take me there.  I was a ship on the sea without a rudder going all over the place and never really getting anywhere.  And so I ended up going back to the conventional stuff for my health and giving up on natural health entirely…

…It turns out I was making the three biggest mistakes you can make when going the natural route for your health.  

Here are the three mistakes people make when it comes to starting out with (and sticking to) a natural wellness routine…

1. Following Dr. Oz and other T.V. wellness gurus.  

Every day it seems like a *new* ancient Chinese herb has popped up that’s all the rage.  The problem with these T.V. wellness gurus is they rely on ratings to gather (and keep) their following.  If they keep telling you about something that works over and over again without showing you something new, they’ll lose you as a viewer.  

Not only that but how much will  it cost and will it even work?  Who wants to waste time and money with that?  Not me!  I’d rather go with something tried and true that millions of other people around the World are using.  Essential oils and things made with essential oils!

2. Getting essential oils from the health food store or…*gulp* some big box store near you.

You heard about essential oils and you thought you’d give it a go so you went down to Walmart and bought a $5 bottle of Lavender which didn’t work.  With a $5 Lavender you sacrificed quality and potency to save a few dollars but you ended up wasting your money.  Most oils out there are either 100% synthetic, highly diluted, or altered in some way which means there’s no way of knowing what was (or wasn’t) in that oil.  When it comes to essential oils, you HAVE to go with high quality and potency, but that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. You just have to know where to find them.  And I can help you there.

By now you’ve probably seen essential oils everywhere.  They’re pretty popular these days.  But with that popularity comes a lot of low quality oils.  Many are synthetic or diluted and you just never know what is in there. You may have even tried some essential oils out and didn’t get the results you were hoping for. That’s because you need to have oils that are guaranteed to have a specific naturally occurring chemical profile in order for you to get results consistently for your health needs.   

The whole point is to be able to fit natural wellness into your busy life right? So the way to do this is to take out the guess work by making sure to use a really high quality line of essential oils. I choose to use and to recommend Doterra’s essential oils because they’ve raised the bar in the EO industry in quality and purity.  What makes Doterra different from what you might find at the health food store is the oils are guaranteed to be free from artificial or harsh ingredients, synthetics, and solvents. They’re safe and effective for the whole family and simple to use, so it’s a no-brainer.  Plus, you get me as your guide for the long-haul.  .

3. Flying by the seat of your pants.

You need a guide to help you through this journey.  That’s where I come in. I can show you how to simplify wellness with essential oils.  I’m in this with you for the long haul so you don’t have to feel like a sailboat without a rudder or a passenger in a car with no roadmap.  I was there once and I know how frustrating that is.  I gave up on natural wellness once.  I don’t want that to happen to you.  I’ll show which essential oils and supplements you can use for simple natural health and for long term health.  You can save money and stick with it.


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