3 Myths About Essential Oils

There are a few common misconceptions (myths) floating around about essential oils.  Today I’ll be going over the top myths surrounding essential oils and what you need to look out for when getting started down this path of essential oils for your everyday life.

When I first learned about essential oils I had no idea what they were or how powerful they could be for my overall health.  If you’re like me, the extent of your essential oil knowledge goes as far as using lavender to make your bath smell nice.  Plus, I had heard so many different things about why NOT to use essential oils that I got all turned around.  

So let’s bust the top myths about essential oils so that you can stop wondering what to do, be able to take action, and feel confident about using essential oils as a simple and effective way to take care of your mind and body.

I remember the day I decided to start trying out natural remedies to take care of my health. I was under stress at work and I needed help with calming my mind to get better sleep at night. And during the day, I wanted help with focus and concentration so I could get more done. I started trying out a bunch of different natural things to take care of my health, and nothing seemed to work.

I remember getting really frustrated because there are so many natural options out there and since I was working a TON, I had zero time to research it all.  I tried everything from Flower essences and Herbal remedies to Tinctures and acupuncture.  Nothing I tried seemed to work!  And before I knew it, I had pretty much totally given up on going the natural route with my health.  With my busy schedule and how complicated it all seemed, I simply couldn’t stick with it. Why is that?  Because I hadn’t found anything that was simple to use and that actually worked!  

I tried out essential oils too and they didn’t work for me either.  I thought they were just to make my bath or laundry smell nice so I bought the $5 lavender from target.  I quickly gave up on essential oils as a natural option too.  Then one day, my sister put a different oil on me and everything changed.  It turns out I was believing all the myths out there about essential oils and these were keeping me from using them as a truly simple and effective form of natural wellness.  


They are too expensive for most people to use…

…This is by far the most popular misconception that I hear.  While it’s true that pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are not cheap, they are not too expensive for daily use.  Allow me to briefly show you why.

One 15ml bottle of essential oil contains about 250 drops of essential oil.  And yes, we do speak in drops when it comes to essential oils.  How many other natural tools come in bottles of 250?  Not many.

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils range in price from $10-$90+ per 15ml bottle, (on average with a handful of very expensive others oils costing over $150).  When I do the math, there are a number of supplements that I’ve happily used in my life which would cost more than that broken down and compared drop for drop.  


They are just nice smells for massage or baths….

…This is also a common misconception, but I blame it on the fact that in the United States, we are largely uneducated and inexperienced in using essential oils.  

European countries have been using them therapeutically for years, but here in the states, it is relatively new.  Did you know that there is over 20 years of research and thousands of published studies on essential oils being effective for our health?  As we learn more and more about essential oils, the facts are undeniable–they are powerful naturally occurring plant compounds which bring about positive effects in the body.  

Just one drop of peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea.  A single essential oil can have hundreds of naturally occurring chemical compounds, which means one oil can have hundreds of therapeutic benefits to your health.  The bottom line, essential oils are powerful and effective.


All essential oils are equal…

…Not true!  So not true! 

By now you’ve probably seen essential oils everywhere.  They’re pretty popular these days.  But with that popularity comes a lot of low quality oils.  Essential oils may be labeled “pure” as long as they contain SOME of the essential oil that it claims to be.  That literally means you could purchase a “pure essential oil” that contains 90% vegetable oil and 10% essential oil.  Many are synthetic or diluted and you just never know what is in there.

You may have even tried some essential oils out and didn’t get the results you were hoping for. That’s because you need to have oils that are guaranteed to have a specific naturally occurring chemical profile in order for you to get results consistently for your health needs.   

The whole point is to be able to fit natural wellness into your busy life right?

So the way to do this is to take out the guess work by making sure to use a really high quality line of essential oils…

…I choose to use and to recommend Doterra’s essential oils because they’ve raised the bar in the EO industry in quality and purity.  What makes Doterra different from what you might find at the health food store is the oils are guaranteed to be free from artificial or harsh ingredients, synthetics, and solvents. They’re safe and effective for the whole family and simple to use, so it’s a no-brainer.  Plus, you get me as your guide for the long-haul.  

Hopefully, this helped to shed some light on what is and is not true about essential oils so you can get out there and start using them for your wellness.


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One thought on “3 Myths About Essential Oils

  1. I think one of the important pieces people are unaware of getting back to cost is that if there are 250 drops in a bottle.. your oils will last you 6,8 plus months depending on use. it takes (2 drops each) of peppermint, lavender and lemon to make an allergy roll on.. think about how much you spend monthly on allergy medications, doctor visits.. you could potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year… allergies is just 1 topic of essential oils😊
    I think the other important note is that essential oils is the shelf life of these oils, it’s amazing!
    Combining eastern and western medicine is an amazing blessing in this day and age… together we truly can inspire healthy living around the world both with our bodies, bringing families together, relieving money stresses from doctor bills and income restraints and so much more!

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