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I’m Laurel Schumaker and I’m passionate about helping impact-driven MOMpreneurs simplify growing online through personal branding and a results first approach so they can create the influence, income, and life freedome that they deserve!

Have you ever heard the term “Latchkey Kid?” That was me and my siblings. My parents were hard workers, torn away from us for long hours so they could put a roof over our heads and food on the table. It never occurred to me that I should be dreaming about what I wanted to be when I grew up or what I wanted my life to look like. The only thing I thought about was that I didn’t want to end up like my parents and I remember secretly hoping that if I ever had kids…I wouldn’t have to choose work over being there for dinner or their soccer games. 

But then I grew up…and I had indeed ended up like my parents (minus the kids)…all of my time and energy was spent on work with very little left over for myself, loved ones, or even hobbies. 

After Grad School, I was working in International Development for a small government contractor. Although I loved my boss and was passionate about the work, I was tired of feeling like I was on a hamster wheel, working my butt off and not really going anywhere.

When my pay didn’t increase as the hours jumped from 40 to over 60 hours a week, I remember thinking I would NEVER be able to have kids with my work schedule. I did NOT want to repeat my latchkey childhood with a new generation and I often thought back to the little girl and her secret hope…

But now, not only did I want to be the only person in charge of my work schedule, my income potential, and whether I could be 100% present in the lives of my unborn kids, I wanted to have an impactful career too!  Sure, many would say such a thing is not possible, but I was determined to make that my reality. 

So, when I found myself being laid off from that company right in the middle of 2011 when no one was hiring, I didn’t have a care in the world about it because I had already started on my path as an entrepreneur. Hands down the BEST decision I’ve ever made! And GUESS WHAT? I proved all the naysayers wrong!  It is VERY much possible to be a MOMpreneur, have an impactful career, AND be 100% present for my kids! I have CREATED that life!

I picked a network marketing company with an award winning compensation plan and a stellar product that does AMAZING work in the international development and humanitarian sector AND that perfectly aligns with my personal brand…wellness lifestyle, mom life/MOMpreneur, and online business.

You might be wondering how #momlife falls into this…

…Have you ever felt completely unprepared or overwhelmed when your kid has a total meltdown emotionally or isn’t sleeping well, or can’t concentrate on school work, or comes home with the crud that’s going around school? 

I don’t have to worry about any of that because I have tools at the ready that are natural and that actually work! And that makes it SUPER simple to share with others because who doesn’t like to tell people about what’s working for them?

When you’re passionate about something and driven by a cause, you won’t let anything get in your way. I’m now one of the top leaders in the company and I built myself a financial pipeline (working part-time) that has completely surpassed my 60 hour work week salary.

I am a solutions provider who brings people, especially moms, the results they have been searching for. People I work with are happier, calmer, and healthier than they were before they met me.   

Perhaps MORE importantly, however, is that I’ve invested in personal development, coaching and a ton of training!!!  When the whole world stopped in 2020 and entrepreneurs had to go online overnight or be left in the dust, I had already taken my business 100% online and built a series of online courses teaching my 5 Step Framework.  

I love sharing about the strategies for online business success in my free Facebook group for female entrepreneurs who are shifting from in-person to online - Results First Academy.


You want MORE high-quality leads/business partners/clients coming to, community with like-minded rockstars who are ready to increase influence and impact!!


You want LESS wasting time, feeling burned out or stuck on the hamster wheel.


You want to simplify stepping into your authenticity and sharing your message with a targeted audience.


You’re not sure how to shift your in-person business to the online world without having to spend tons of time “branding” yourself and creating social media content (hint: you don’t have to!)

If you answered yes to any of the above, I have a group created for YOU!!

I’m teaching the mindset and skill sets to the success I’ve created so far in the online space and sharing what I learn along the way.

Are you ready to take things to the next level with your online business?