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I’m Laurel Schumaker and I’m passionate about helping growth + impact-driven female entrepreneurs cultivate the lives and businesses their souls have been craving through aligned action and strategic mindset work so they can create the influence, income, and life freedom that they deserve!

I never realized I wanted kids until they chose me to be their momma. Now, I can’t imagine life without them.

Becoming a new mom at any stage in life can be exhausting, filled with joy, tearful, and overwhelming at times. I got my start later in life – I’m 40 with two kids under the age of 5. There are definite advantages and disadvantages of being an older parent; and while I don’t see a lot of mommas my age out on the playground, my life experience and maturity has given me the ability to have much more patience when there are meltdowns and tantrums.

My two little redheads are the loves of my life (sorry hubby…you know you’re a close third).  They’ve given me a new sense of purpose, a tenacious drive to succeed in life and business like I’ve never had before, and a burning desire to be a solid female role model in their lives. I’m sure you feel the same about yours. 

Every second that passes with them in your life changes you. They are such an immense part of who you are now, it’s almost impossible to imagine what your world would be like without their presence.

However, it’s important to remember that even though we are now changed and most, if not all, of our emotional energy may be going to learning how to be a mom, we still have the same interests, dreams, and aspirations as before. Heck, you may even be inspired to reach for new goals for your family with this shift in identity! I know I have! 

Here’s where we run into a challenge…figuring out how all of who we are fits into motherhood. The problem is that, as mothers, we have to take care not only of ourselves but also our children and try to balance a career on top of it all. We wonder how on earth we’ll be able to excel at our jobs and nurture our friendships along with our kids and our marriages. It can be quite daunting when you think about it- there are so many roles and responsibilities being demanded from one person!

We wonder if it’s possible to have it all, or if we need to sacrifice our ambitions in order to give our full attention to our families and relationships. We bounce back and forth between wanting to have an impactful career and wanting to give it all up to be a stay at home mom.  

I believe balance is possible as long as you don’t expect perfection. I believe that it’s possible to “have it all” as long as you’re willing to get creative, make adjustments, make some sacrifices, and invest the time, energy, and resources into whatever it takes to make you the best version of yourself, feel fulfillment, and get you the dream life you deserve. THIS is how you can be the best momma and roll model for your little ones.

AND it's absolutely worth it...

You see, after Grad School, I was working in International Development.  Although I loved my boss and was passionate about the work, I was tired of feeling like I was on a hamster wheel, working my butt off and not really going anywhere. Suddenly my level of responsibility increased ten fold, and my hours jumped from 40 to over 60 hours a week, while my salary and title stayed the same.  After a few months of this, the company went bankrupt and I found myself being laid off. 

Right then and there, I decided that I wanted to be the only person in charge of my work schedule, my income potential, and whether I could be 100% present in the lives of kids. I also knew that I wanted to have an impactful career at the same time!  Sure, many would say such a thing is not possible, but I was determined to make that my reality. 

What did I do?

I decided to become an entrepreneur. I picked a clean living and wellness direct sales company with an award winning compensation plan and a stellar product that does AMAZING work in the international development and humanitarian sector AND that perfectly aligns with my personal brand…wellness lifestyle, mom life/MOMpreneur, and online business.

You might be wondering how #momlife falls into this…

…Have you ever felt completely unprepared or overwhelmed when your kid has a total meltdown emotionally or isn’t sleeping well, or can’t concentrate on school work, or comes home with the crud that’s going around school? 

I don’t have to worry about any of that because I have tools at the ready that are natural and that actually work! And that makes it SUPER simple to share with others because who doesn’t like to tell people about what’s working for them?

When you’re passionate about something and driven by a cause, you won’t let anything get in your way. I’m now one of the top leaders in the company and I built myself a financial pipeline (working part-time) that has completely surpassed my 60 hour work week salary.

Hands down the BEST decision I’ve ever made! And GUESS WHAT? I proved all the naysayers wrong!  It is VERY much possible to be a MOMpreneur, have an impactful and income producing career, AND be 100% present for my family. I have CREATED that dream life for myself! If I can do it, anyone can. I won’t lie and tell you that it’s been a cakewalk.  My journey from career woman to work-from-home mom took a level of creativity, grit and tenacity that I didn’t know I had in me until I tried. But it’s all been worth it!

Lastly I make no claims of being an expert or having all the answers.  I’ve taken lessons from the shared experiences of other moms and I’ve learned, through trial and error, what works for my family and me. I’m forever grateful for the other women who have supported and guided me through the ups and downs of motherhood and being a mompreneur.  

Mommas, I’m here to offer encouragement and resources, foster connections,  and help guide you through this motherhood/mompreneur journey too! We’re all in this together! I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned along the way and recommending some things that can make a mom’s life easier, happier, or save time. I hope my stories inspire others who are working towards becoming better versions of themselves too!   

I’m really looking forward to sharing with you.



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