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What do you want MORE of in life?

When I was younger I had a dream of traveling full time while making a living.  I wanted the flexibility to work from wherever, whenever.  I  wanted to be my own boss and set my own hours.  The only problem was, I had absolutely no idea how to do it.  So, I gave up on that dream and went on to work 80 hours a week in an office, with a commute and a boss.  I felt out of control and I wanted more out of life.  I wanted more meaning in my work, and to feel truly inspired by what I do...

...Then my sister introduced me to doTERRA.  I started using the oils to manage stress, support healthy moods, immunity, and digestion and I was blown away by how simple they were to use and how well they worked! 

For me, starting an essential oils business with doTERRA was a no-brainer. 

 I knew within 30 seconds of trying my first essential oil from doTERRA that I had found my calling.  I was blown away by how quickly and easily the oils helped me to feel grounded, centered, calm, and normal after feeling out of control for so long.  I knew right away that I had to help others find that same relief too.  And why not make a living in the process?  I've created financial and time freedom by growing a team of people who are creating their ideal lives through connecting people with answers to their health needs. 

I finally feel fulfilled and accomplished and ready for the future.  My family and I are now living the life that we want on our own terms!  And I want that for YOU too!  Don't you?


Do you want to set your own hours, be the owner of your own business instead of an employee, and help people with their health?

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The products that we offer - from hair care, skin care, home care, and other personal care products - are all natural and infused with essential oils.  And they help people!  It's a high quality, high demand, and consumable product that people order on a regular basis!  Can any of those other at-home businesses say the same? How many tote bags can one person need?  How many sets of knives or food storage containers?  In fact, doTERRA boasts a 65% average retention rate compared to the 15% industry retention average.  doTERRA's focus is on caring for and educating people first, the product second, and the business opportunity last, and that's why customers stay.  

Plus, we get to be part of a global billion dollar company AND the trillion dollar (and growing exponentially) health care industry! This is one of the top 5 fastest growing industries because it impacts every single man, woman, and child on the planet!