When we think of air pollution we tend to think of the air outside.  Clean air campaigns often focus on reducing vehicle and industrial carbon emissions so our kids can breathe better when playing outside.  But what about the air you breathe inside? These days people are spending more and more time indoors, but indoor air pollution is a serious risk to your health.  Dust mites, mold, microbial activity, viruses, bacteria, and toxic chemicals may be lurking throughout your house and[Read more]

Keep Pets Safe Over 4th of July

We all love the 4th of July – cookouts, fireworks, and other festivities – but remember that while these events may be fun for us, they are potentially terrifying for our pets.  Unfortunately, each year, this is the #1 day pets go missing.  Because of the noise and commotion on the 4th of July, many dogs and cats panic and run off.  The good news is that this is preventable by taking a few precautions (outlined below) and you can[Read more]

Non-Toxic Bug Repellent

With each passing Summer, I know more people whose lives have been changed by one tiny tick bite.  Lyme’s Disease is no joke and it has spread across the country and up in to Canada. It’s important to protect yourself against ticks and other biting bugs that can carry disease, but did you know that chemical bug repellents can be extremely toxic for you and your pets?  The good news is that ticks and biting bugs have an aversion to[Read more]

The Art and Science of Essential Oil Extraction

There is an art and a science to sourcing and extracting the highest quality, most potent therapeutic grade essential oils available.  In our modern times, we are blessed with technology that the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, and even the healers of only 100 years ago did not have.  And, these days, more and more studies are being conducted which prove essential oils to be effective natural solutions. Thanks to technology, we are now able to test essential oils to see[Read more]

Essential Oils and Cats

We love our pets.  They’re part of the family and we want them to be naturally healthy.   We try to take them to holistically inclined vets, but the bills can really take a chunk out of our bank accounts. It is empowering to know that we can use essential oils on our pets too!  We are so thankful to have the tools that we need to help our pets at home. Please note: if your animal has a serious medical[Read more]

Top Essential Oils for Positive Thinking

Almost everyone has heard this quote from Ghandi.  However, most people think this ‘change’ applies only to their actions.  Ghandi meant for us to change our thoughts as well because our thoughts decide our actions and our actions define us.  When we walk around being upbeat, an amazing thing happens; it rubs off on the people we come in contact with during the day, and becomes a positive ripple across the world! Holding negative thoughts for long periods can have[Read more]