Essential Oils

Let me guess...'ve been searching for natural ways to support your health, and after trying out a bunch of things that didn't work, and lot's of frustration, you started looking around online for answers...

I've been there...


My name is Laurel Schumaker and I've helped 100's of people find answers for their family's health needs with essential oils...

Several years ago I was looking for answers too and I found them in essential oils.  I was blown away by how simple everything was to use and how effective it was for my health!  It felt amazing to be able to take back control of my health and get back to living a vibrant life.  

We use essential oils and related wellness products from Doterra for most of our family’s healthcare, for everything from boosting the immune system through the winter months and getting better rest, to managing stress and emotions, aiding digestion, and occasional aches and pains. We’ve made over our entire household with all natural options and completely removed chemicals from our home.


I've helped 100's of people find answers for their health and I can help YOU do the same!

Have you been looking for something natural, effective, and super simple to use for your family's health?  Well, it's time to stop searching and start living! Are you ready?

Essential oils seriously kick butt! Not only do they smell great, they are an AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE way to support your body’s systems for the BEST health of your life.  You and your family can use essential oils to boost the immune system, aid digestion, increase energy, cleanse the body, manage moods, relieve tension and stress, feel more calm and energized throughout the day, and so much more!

My team and I are here to help you achieve everything you want to accomplish with your health!


Ready to get started but just don't know where to begin?  I can help you!  Let's hop on a quick call so I can gain a clear picture of your health needs and what you're wanting to accomplish in your house with essential oils.  This way I can make some recommendations for your specific needs.  Click the button below to set up a time to meet.