Getting Started

Why get a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER account with Doterra? Why join my essential oil FAMILY?

...25% off retail (friends don't let friends pay 25% more)

...NO selling, NO ordering monthly (unless you want to - most do because of more free stuff & perks)

...Opportunity to earn another 10-30% back in rewards points and earn shipping back

...FREE education, complementary ONE-ON-ONE wellness consultations, and 24/7 online question and answer support in our exclusive Facebook groups!

...Option to renew annually for $25 USD.  FREE 15ml Peppermint essential oil bottle ($22 wholesale value) each year when you renew!

...Access to WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS (exclusive to our Wholesale Customers)!

To get the BEST PRICE...

Get your own Wholesale Account FREE with any Reduced Price Starter Kit (this way you'll have a variety of things on hand to get started off on the right foot); - OR - choose $35 option and pick your products (like Sam's Club or Costco).

...Select your Reduced Price Starter Kit...

The way to get started at the BEST VALUE to you is with a REDUCED PRICE STARTER KIT

This way you can have a variety of oils on hand for different situations that come up in life... AND you’ll SAVE the most money!  Reduced Price Starter Kits are already discounted and no $35 member fee. The bigger the kit, the bigger the savings!  If you're not sure which kit to start with, LET'S CHAT ! (I definitely have my favs!)

Get started on an essential oil journey and change your life!

What are you waiting for?  Once you open your account, you can begin your journey with these essential oils and related wellness products that will change your life!  You’ll receive a welcome email from me, and access to all of my educational groups, programs, FREE one-on-one wellness consults, and 24/7 support! Ready?

Still feel like you need a bit more info before making a decision?

I get it.  If you do not already have a wholesale account, and would like to to book a call with me please click this button below.  I'd be happy to walk you through any questions you may have and connect you to answers for your specific health needs.