How to Plan Your Life So You Get Stuff Done (and Don’t Feel Crazy)

Maybe you’re a mom and you’ve had to make adjustments to your life to get things done, or maybe you just feel too restricted by over planning but still need help getting things done. If you’re like me, you might find too much scheduling to downright stifling. I almost certainly will rebel and do the exact opposite of what’s on the schedule, which is to do nothing productive at all. I once spent a few hours entering reoccurring things into my google calendar like exercise, laundry, pay bills, meditate, and write. I set it up so that I would get a notification reminding me to do said things. And what did I do? I ignored the alarm and went back to whatever else it was I was doing at the time.

What I’ve found helpful is to have a to-do list of priorities rather than to have my day, week, and month planned down to 15 minute increments. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, some people thrive on that sort of thing, not me. But for those of you who love the structure, stay with me here because you may have people in your life who are like me and need some pointers to help get more done in their day.

I will admit that there are certain things I have to block off in my planner, such as appointments for my business, time to make calls to prospects, customers, and coaching calls with my team, but outside of that, I mostly use my trusty to-do lists and I like to cross things off with gusto.

If you’re angry and your planner and it doesn’t help provide clarity, trying to force yourself into being more structured will only lead to frustration. If you’re more of a free spirit, try coming up with a few categories such as work, family, personal care, home care, etc, and then picking three things to complete each day in each category. Ideally you will have a general time of when you will do them. For me, that’s during nap time and after my husband gets off of work.

So instead of each week scheduling yourself down to the 15 minute increment which might drive you crazy, just plan out your three priorities for each day in each category. For work these could be things like scheduling meetings for tomorrow, making a list of people you need to reach out to for X, Y, or Z, and whatever else. For family this could be signing your kid up for Summer camp, grocery shopping, making dinner. For personal care, setting up your hair and massage appointment. Home care, laundry, pay bills, etc.

This way you are still planning for success, while giving yourself the freedom to flow throughout your day. You may find this works for you, or you might feel like you actually need to make some hard scheduling habits.

So, what are YOUR three priorities in each category for tomorrow? The most important thing is to have a plan. You don’t have to make yourself crazy by overly scheduling, just get those few things done.

Do you have any tips for getting more done without scheduling like crazy? Let us know in the comments.