As you gear up for the holidays and get ready for your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll want to prepare yourself by cutting back on alcohol and sugar starting today.  You don’t want to just go cold turkey on these things or you may end up with withdrawal when you start a new detox program or exercise regime in January, making it more difficult to stick to your resolution.  It’s best to start weaning yourself little by little over the next few weeks.

I know you may be thinking that with the Holidays and all the parties, it’s going to be difficult to reduce your intake of alcohol and sugar.  But think of it this way…

Don’t you want to look and feel your best for all the Ugly Sweater Parties?

Alcohol is drying to the skin, taxing to the liver, heart, and brain, and loaded with sugar.   Speaking of sugar, as you gear up for any detox, or simply to keep yourself in top-notch health, you’ll want to reduce your intake.   Too much sugar causes your pancreas to secrete more insulin. The sugar high confuses your brain, causing it to release serotonin (the sleep regulating hormone) so you crash hard.  Insulin blocks the hormone that causes your brain to think you’re full (Leptin) and this means you actually feel more hungry.  Crazy, right?  Not only that, but because the liver metabolizes the fructose in sugar, it becomes overtaxed as well.  Read more about what sugar does to the body.

The best way to wean yourself from sugar is to replace it with Stevia or another all-natural sugar alternative (no saccarine please) in your recipes.  Read all nutritional labels to make sure the foods you’re eating are low in sugar.  Now, this may be hard to stick to when you’re not in control of the menu, but you can always limit how much you eat of a sugary item, and bring your own healthy dish to contribute to the table.

Limit yourself to no more than 3 or 4 drinks per week and reduce your sugar intake and you’ll have beautiful, glowing skin and a sharp mind for your festivities.  People will wonder who that fabulous, beautiful, life-of-the-party, person is who’s providing the witty banter and charming the pants off everyone.

Stay tuned for more tips, sugar-free holiday recipes and mocktails!  Plus, the launch of the upcoming 30-60-90 Detox in the New Year!

Here’s to your Thriving Life!




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