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With each passing Summer, I know more people whose lives have been changed by one tiny tick bite.  Lyme’s Disease is no joke and it has spread across the country and up in to Canada. It’s important to protect yourself against ticks and other biting bugs that can carry disease, but did you know that chemical bug repellents can be extremely toxic for you and your pets?  The good news is that ticks and biting bugs have an aversion to the smell of certain essential oils.

Why not go the natural route this Summer?  Try a Repellent blend of essential oils such as cintronelol, rosemary, peppermint, and others.  Essential oils can be super effective against biting bugs and smell great!

Last year I was in India and the only repellent I used was a blend of essential oils.  I did not get one mosquito bite on me and there were plenty of times when I was swarmed by them in that hot, muggy climate.  I have also had great success warding off ticks and other biting insects with this blend.

Try applying it to legs, arms, and necks before going outside this Summer.  Add it to a spray bottle for easier coverage.

Here’s what I do for my dog:  equal amounts undiluted rosemary, lavender, peppermint, cedarwood, and lemongrass.   Apply every 5 hours or as needed when dog goes outside. I like to put the mix in a spray bottle – then spray lightly from the back of the ears down the spine to base of the tail – work down to skin. Then apply to legs/paws, stomach and work down to skin. For ears/face/neck chest – spray on your hands then apply to dog. For small dogs – spray on hands then apply to dog.

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