When faced with difficulty, fear, boredom or any other such thoughts and emotions, I’ve done what many people do – retreat. I’ve blamed myself for not being good enough.  I’ve blamed and resented others for putting me in difficult situations.  I’ve gotten caught up in that negative cycle of bitterness, judgement and self deprecation.  I’ve literally put up my own roadblocks that have prevented me from continuing to pursue my desires, admitting defeat, and moving on. In yoga, when holding a difficult pose,[Read more]

Essential Oils in the Classroom

School can be a wonderfully rewarding experience for teachers and students alike, but the pressures of getting the work load done can create a lot of stress and anxiety.  Not to mention the fact that schools are magnets for germs and odors. Many teachers and schools throughout the country are incorporating essential oils in to their classrooms and hallways to support a calm learning and teaching environment and maintain everyone’s health. Explain to your students why you put oils on yourself[Read more]