This Summer, Become an Essential Oil Expert Before Back to School

This Summer, we want to help you learn about how you can support your family’s health with essential oils, so that you are prepared for when your kids go back to school to face all the germs and the homework.

There IS no better time than the Summer, while the kids are out of school, to learn how to use essential oils. Because each individual’s body chemistry is different, it takes time to experiment with the oils.  And I promise, you will be grateful that you got through the experimentation and learning phase before school starts and life really gets hectic with homework and extracurricular activities.

Living life means that we are all busy people.  If it’s not the Summer, then it’s back to school, or the holidays.  We are all busy throughout the year, but health HAS to be a priority. We all carve out time for things that are important, and this is important.

Become an essential oil expert by Summer’s end so that you have, and know how to use, the essential oils you need.

If you want to learn more about natural wellness with essential oils, we can help you learn.  Contact me and we can set up a free consultation.

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