From Career Woman to Work From Home Mompreneur

I never planned to be a work from home mompreneur, but life is funny like that. In a former life I was a career woman. I had two degrees, a good job in international health and development, and big dreams of becoming the next Melinda Gates.

Suddenly my hours jumped from 40-60 a week and my pay didn’t increase along with the hours. I was in a place where I never wanted to be – overworked, underpaid, and stressed to the max. The job sucked all of my emotional energy and left nothing for self care. I used to wonder how career women had energy left over for hobbies let alone for starting a family.

Why I Never Wanted to be a Working Mom with a Commute

Growing up, my parents worked late hours to keep a roof over our heads. They missed soccer games and dinners, and spent their emotional energy on a commute, travel for work, and horrible bosses. So, when I started to think about whether I wanted kids, I knew that being able to be 100% present in their lives would be a deciding factor. I didn’t want my future kids growing up feeling like they have to figure it all out on their own. Since my career zapped tons of my emotional energy and time and was going nowhere fast, I knew something had to change. 

So, while I loved what I did for work, it just wasn’t worth the stress anymore. Then, the company I worked for went bankrupt and suddenly laid me off. I felt out of control and overwhelmed facing the unknown. I wanted to crawl into bed and never come out again. But then something strange happened…

My Aha Moment

I thought about how much my parents missed during my childhood. Was I doomed to repeat history if I stayed on that career path? A light bulb went off and I realized that if kids were to be in my future, I needed to get behind the driver’s seat of my own life, income potential, and schedule. Right then and there I decided to never again be someone else’s employee.  

Earning a good income and providing for my family is important to me. I want to do this while contributing to the world in a meaningful and impactful way. The way I want to do this is by helping people go further in life and business. And I want to be able to do all of this from home on my laptop (in sweat pants).  

What Did I Do? Well, like any other rational person without a business degree, management experience, or capitalI started a business! 

That’s when I Dove Into Entrepreneurship Head First

I partnered with a clean living health and wellness company because the products and their mission align perfectly with my core values and what I’m passionate about – global health, helping people and communities, healing the environment, and giving people the tools for healing their minds, bodies and souls. 

So, I threw caution to the wind and went all in as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I didn’t know what would happen or how things would work out at all! I simply knew that I had to trust my gut, learn as I went, and, as Angie Lee says “Drive the plane before learning to fly.”

Working part time, figuring it out as I went, my side hustle became my full time income and quickly replaced and surpassed my former salary. 

I found myself in the flow of growing my business as a solopreneur. Then I became a mom and added ‘mompreneurto my title. It’s a balancing act figuring out how to be a mom and juggle parenting while working from home.

Mompreneurs, let me tell you something…working from home takes discipline and commitment. For me, it took figuring out ways to be more productive and complete projects without sacrificing my emotional energy or time. Being 100% in my daughter’s life is so important to me. I want to give her everything that I missed out on as a child.

I went through many ups and downs along this mompreneur journey. From finding confidence as an entrepreneur to struggling with balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, to starting over once again when we added our second child to the mix… My journey has not been easy-but then again what worthwhile things are?  

What I Do Now

I spend my time with amazing mompreneurs and lady bosses who are passionate about creating wealth, health, and prosperity in life and business. We work together to cultivate the lives and businesses their souls have been craving through aligned action and strategic mindset work.

I make sure the women I work with get connected with the training, simple systems, tools, and resources that are available to them so they can reach whatever level of life and financial success they desire.

The women I work with are impact + growth-driven, multi-passionate, adventurous, bold, resourceful, creative, compassionate, and have a tenacity for life that is unparalleled.

It’s hard to believe that I am living my dream of running a successful online business from the comfort of my own home. Even harder to believe is that my online business has been so financially beneficial for me, and continues to grow exponentially. Yet, what is even more amazing is how this “job” has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into the world as a confident woman who embraces her true self.  

I get to share my talents and my passion with women all across the world. I love that I get to wake up each day on my own terms, excited to think, create, learn, and grow, and to share what I learn with others who have the same desire to live a life of purpose and freedom! Best of all, I get to do all of this from home (in my sweatpants, sometimes with a toddler on my lap). 

My family is my world, and they’re always first in my heart. I am living the dream of being home with them during this stage in their lives, while still making an income and and impact. Not only that, I have the emotional energy left over to take care of myself so that I can pour back into them when they need it most. 

Today, I’m living a life of my dreams. This lifestyle IS possible. I won’t sugar coat it and tell you that it doesn’t take sacrifice and hard work.

Becoming a successful mompreneur took some major lifestyle and perspective shifts

I had to make a few big changes and take some chances. Getting to where I am today took having a vision that is bigger than my excuses. Becoming successful as a mompreneur took finding ways to balance everything in order to show up consistently (even when I didn’t feel like it). I had to find ways to work smarter and be more productive. And most importantly, getting to this place took investing in personal development to up-level my mindset, skill set, and confidence.  

If you’re in a place where your heart is urging you to get in the driver’s seat of your own life, to make a change and do something new, don’t ignore it! If I can do it, so can you! My hope is that you take the leap, make a plan, and get to work because it just may change your life for the better! And I’m here to encourage you every step of the way. 

Each morning I follow a routine for success and one of the things I do is ask the universe “Whose life can I add value to today?” This helps me connect with and serve the right women whether as business partners or as people. If my journey and lessons I’ve learned along the way can help people find a solution or inspiration in some way, I am fulfilled knowing that I’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life, regardless of whether that ever impacts my income.  

I love working with women who are:

  • Passionate about helping others
  • Committed to personal growth
  • Coachable
  • Creative, proactive, and resourceful
  • Compassionate and kind
  • Optimistic, positive, and open-minded
  • Adventurous with a vision for their future that is bigger than any excuses

If that sounds like you, then we should connect! I’d love to set up a time to talk with you about what success means to you, what your goals are, and if any area of my business might be a resource or a solution for you!

Rooting for you,